High Rise I-III

Mimicking the brutalist architecture of Toronto, High Rise I-III demonstrate how vertical farming can be used as a tool to reintroduce agriculture into the city.

This work is part of the series Mad Science, Happy Alchemy, which explores the abilities of material science and food infrastructure to shape people into communities, the way original potters coiled clay into vessels and chemists formed polymers into packaging, ultimately speculating how the future can be shaped cooperatively through thoughtful making.

High Rise III, 2019, plywood, milk crate, styrene, grow lights, drip-feed irrigation, yogurt containers, island beans

High Rise II, 2019, plywood, milk crate, styrene, yogurt container, plants, cast and coiled stoneware

High Rise I, 2019, plywood, grocery basket, castors, styrene, grow lights, mushroom containers, basil, shiso, mango

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