Milkcrate Volume II presents Portraits of Your Friends. A literal and figurative exploration of inspiration generated from ones friends whether they be digital, imaginary, animal, best, worst, or friends of your friends friends.

Featuring the work of:
Kima Lenaghan, Sydney Madia, Shevon J Lewis, Curtis Randolph, Gervais Nash, Misbah Ahmed, Jisu Lee, Lucas Cantoni Jose, Andrew Atkin, Hyesoo Ahn, Kyle Enrieko Simmons, Vicky To, L-Fy, Serafima Zibnitskaya, Renelyn Javier Quinicot, Wil Brask

Sydney Madia drawing portaits in the gallery on a milkcrate drawing horse.


Wil Brask

Wil Brask

Vicky To

Curtiss Randolph

Andrew Atkin

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