Milkcrate Volume I

The first in its series, Milkcrate is a pop up show displaying work from a variety of emerging artists.

Featured Artists:
Sydney Madia, Kima Lenaghan, Shevon J. Lewis, Andrew Hoekstra, Misbah Ahmed, Jisu Lee, Katie Czaplicki, Andi Bordt, Hyesoo Ahn, Andrew Atkin and Ryan Celcius

With an open call for the first volume, wise man Jo Jo would tell you it's non-homogenized.

Shevon J Lewis, Milk Crate, 2017, Oil

Shevon J Lewis, 2017

Kima Lenaghan, Hives, 2017

Kima Lenaghan, Hives, 2017

Misbah Ahmed, 2018/2017

Misbah Ahmed & Jisu Lee, 2018/2017

Jisu Lee, 2017

Catherine Czaplicki, 2017

Catherine Czaplicki, 2018

Sydney Madia, 2017

Sydney Madia, 2018

Andrew Hoekstra, 2017

Andrew Hoekstra, 2018

Andi Bordt, 2018

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