Nomad Sandal

The Nomad sandal features a robust elastic and rope strap system and a minimalist sole for a dynamic range of motion. These sandals have been tested in adverse environments such Toronto's Cycling and Ottawa's white water. The rubber retains it's grip in both wet and dry environments allowing the wearer to move between environments without delay.

The strap systems of the sandals are set in place while the rubber is still liquid. This allows for the strongest possible connection once the rubber solidifies. This unusual process bypasses the unnecessary use of glue in footwear production.

The whole production of these sandals is 100% custom to the wearer. The original soles are designed, carved and molded by hand to match the specific wearer.

Test running the Nomad sandals while guerrilla gardening wearing jewerly by Corey Moranis a leg brace by OGQT

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