Andrew Atkin, Rock Fort, 2020 Industrial waste, driftwood, shipwrecked boat parts, textile

In the winter of 2020 amid pandemic lockdowns and social isolation I began filming the building of a small rock cottage on the Leslie Spit with the remains of Toronto's old historical brick buildings.

Over the weekly visits I met strangers human and animal. Slept in negative degree weather and cooked food for myself and friends in the hearth. To this day (2023) I have near weekly messages from folks who have found the fort and enjoyed time in it's embrace.

Keita, Jude and Morgyn exploring the fort.

My dear friend Artu, reading through the messages left by visitors.

Snowy owl perched atop the cabin roof hunting for rodents.

Lizard's Maw, 2020, Machine embroidered found fabric tied to old broom handle with found string.

Designer Sing Yu Lam braving the cold to visit the Rock Fort

Designer Haylee Strachan reading a message left behind.

Minecraft with Industrial Waste

In this short video series you will see the growth of the fort and meet it's visitors and friends.

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